We are not in the business of offering home loans or loan homes, we are however appreciative that many of our customers require a loan to finance their home improvements.

We have included this page to enable advertisements on mortgages and

loans in general. This in the hope that it is of assistance to

customers requiring finance in finding the best loan company for their circumstances.

Second mortgages are often a good option for for finance, the best deal usually coming from the mortgage company who currently has the mortgage on your home.

We do not recommend any individual second mortgage or loan company.

Any advertisements appearing on this page must be judged on their own merit.

For financial assistance with repairs due to storm damage grants may be available from local councils.

If you have suffered storm damage you may be entitled to assistance in the form of a grant. Details can usually be found on line by searching for grants on your local council web site.

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RNIB Supports Blind and Partially Sighted People

Government Grants Have Been Made Available To Councils For Infrastructure Repairs

Some Councils Do Offer Individual Support Please contact them.

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